Life, to be lived!

Whereas art imitates life for its inspiration, life imitates art for the beauty in its depicting it.


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In science one tries to tell people, in such a way as to be understood by everyone,

something that no one knew before. But in poetry, it's the exact opposite.

~ Paul Dirac




15 Interesting Science Facts

1. More germs are transferred shaking hands than kissing.

2. Not all animals on our planet have brains, for instance starfish do not have brains.

3. Human need approximately 12 hours in order to entirely digest the food.

4. When Krakatoa erupted in 1883, its force was so great it could be heard 4,800 kilometers away in Australia.

5. Human tapeworms can grow up to 22.9m.

6. The dinosaurs became extinct before the Rockies or the Alps were formed.

7. The Earth is 4.56 billion years old…the same age as the Moon and the Sun.

8. Brain cells are the longest living cells in our body, they can last for an entire lifetime.

9. An electric eel can produce a shock of up to 650 volts.

10. The Ebola virus kills 4 out of every 5 humans it infects.

11. Can you live without your head? Well if you are a cockroach you can manage somewhere around 9 days or so.

12. While cancer is perhaps the greatest disease of humanity, sharks do not have this problem as they are totally immune to cancer.

13. Wounds infested with maggots heal quickly and without spread of gangrene or other infection.

14. 10 percent of all human beings ever born are alive at this very moment.

15. Snails are definitely among the sleepiest animals as they can sleep for three years.




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