Awesome Projects

Raspberry GO
Go the augmented reality way with Pi.

2016: before you start A Space Odyssey..
You first need a HAL 9000.

How to enliven those dreary coffee sessions
Simply build a touchscreen coffee table with your raspberry pi.

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"DO-able" Projects

Get an arm at the cost of only a Pi.
Well, to get a MeArm actually.

Power up your own home computer network with the Pi.
A DIY home server is now easier than ever before.

echo "My computer is NOT dumb!"
How to strike up a constructive conversation with your Raspberry Pi.

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Some Basics

Quick start
Start by taking the first step

Useful Raspberry Pi commands
Command Line Interface(CLI) is no longer daunting with the Raspberry Pi

Layout of the Raspberry Pi
See here for a visual guide of the different parts that make up this amazing microcomputer.

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