One Project in
Ho Chi Minh

To Create Real Impact To Lives

A Simple Idea Can Make All The Difference When Its Done Right.

Often ideas are useful not because they are grand or high-tech but because they have been conceived by project creators to be relevant and appropriate to the local context. One idea with impact.

Because People Create The Impact In Ideas.

The Project Creator is the ultimate source of any idea's impact because he or she understands that the usefulness of any endeavour comes from its execution. The Project Creator, being at the center of it all, is what that creates the difference that matters.

Create a World of Difference,
One Project at a Time.

A world that is made for everyone, built one project at a time by anyone.

One Life, One Project.
A meaningful life starts with one meaningful project.


It Only Takes One to Make a World of Difference.

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One Project Initiative
in Ho Chi Minh City

We support arrangments for the following:
  1. Accomodation
  2. Co-working Space, Maker Space
  3. Connect with local NPOs and volunteers
  4. Recommend Project Challenges
  5. Crowdsourcing For Your Project


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